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Analysis of the Five Factor Personality Test (IPIP-NEO)

Personality is basically who you are, how you interact with others, how you think, what you like or dislike, and so on. Essentially, it says a lot about a person, which is why I did not think 300 simple questions could somehow describe me as a person. In all honesty, I took the test thinking this test would tell me something so broad, there would be no way to make an authentic connection to a person. Iím not saying the test was perfectly accurate, but it did get a lot of my personality traits and that, to me, was incredibly unexpected. First, I skimmed through it and it seemed accurate in some parts, and inaccurate in others. Then, I really took the time to read exactly what it said about me, and I realized it got so many facts right.

††††††††††† Iím very outgoing and although I may seem shy, at times, Iím completely far from it. I love to talk to people, small talk doesnít bother me, and I love big parties and loud environments. Iím the stereotypical Cuban when it comes to that part of my character. Thatís doubtlessly why I wasnít too surprised with the outcome of the first broad domain, which is extraversion. It said I love the company of others, taking risks and going on thrill-seeking adventures, and being cheerful and optimistic. Those are all ways I would also describe myself, so they get that pat on the back. They also mention I like making friends, being close and having intimate relationships, but at an average scale, and that is very true. I love being around people and making friends, but I donít tend to rush a relationship or seek intimacy right off the bat. My assertiveness and activity-level scores were also average, and I agree with it all. I do like to lead, take action, and I have no issue with voicing my ideas, but sometimes I do like to listen because I may not know much about the subject or any other number of reasons. When it comes to my activity level, I may be busy with schoolwork, my job, or my social life, but I do always like to take a step back and realize that thereís no need to hurry.

Some people may see my score on agreeableness as a score to shy away from, because it was low. I, on the other hand, am quite proud of it. It also doesnít mean Iím out in the world arguing with everyone, deceiving people, and letting everyone fend for themselves. Thatís not the kind of person I am. In fact, I scored high in trust, because I do believe in human kindness. Growing up, I learned people are genuinely good but society and, sometimes, human need or want, guides us to do things weíre not so proud of. You would think Iím a terrible person scoring low in morality, but thatís only because I like to keep my personal life, well, personal. Iím not immoral, I just enjoy having my own secrets and a very small number of people know my secrets, but no single person knows them all and I like to keep it that way. Then, thereís my level of altruism and cooperation, which are average and thatís true for the most part. In other words, I do genuinely like helping people who really need it, but I will not put everybodyís needs before my own. If you sincerely need help and I can lend you a hand, then Iíll be the first one there, but do not expect me to be your constant safety blanket. Furthermore, I do like to cooperate with others to the best of my ability, but I will not compromise my life or needs for just anyone. Perhaps, thatís part of the reason I scored low in sympathy and modesty. Again, I simply do not let othersí emotions affect me, because then youíd have double the emotions going crazy. I tend to think rationally about situations and what can be done to solve them, and thatís also the reason my friends usually come to me when they have questions or theyíre in trouble. I provide solutions, not more problems. This may sound somewhat arrogant, but thatís not how I mean it. Although, Iím not very good at modesty, thatís a characteristic I never studied much. Iím not arrogant, simply proud of myself and I do love myself. As Buddha once said, ďYou must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love & affection.Ē

Conscientiousness is one domain I most definitely have to disagree about the low score it gave me. It makes me sound sloppy and disorganized, of which I am neither. It says I have low drive and self-control, think poorly before making decisions, and believe I have no moral obligations. I thought about this for a while, in case the test was right and I was just lying to myself, but I came to the original conclusion: Thatís wrong. Iím driven towards my goal, which is now finishing school and earning my nursing degree. Believe me, I could have taken easier paths in life were I not driven. Iím not going to lie and say I always think about everything I do, I make mistakes and sometimes I do foolish things or go on unplanned adventures, but when it comes to the important things in life, I always take time to consider my options. Also, low moral obligations sounds like a ridiculous description of my personality. Anyone who knows me will tell you I keep my ďpinky promises.Ē It may sound silly, but when I tell you ďpinky promise,Ē I really do promise and Iíve proven it to a point where my friends donít even smirk at the sound of that saying. However, the other sub-domains are mostly accurate. Iím quite organized but not to the point where I care more about organization than the work itself. I also do strive to achieve my many goals in life, but I donít let my desires consume my life. Self-discipline, conversely, is something that I have slowly learned with time. I hate to admit it, but I do procrastinate a lot. Nonetheless, I get things done when they need to be done, it may take me a lot of Redbull and all-nighters, but I get it done and on time.

I must say Iím glad to know Iím not neurotic. Iím really not, I donít get stressed out easily, and when I do, it motivates rather than scares me. I very, and I mean very, seldom feel sad, angry, or anxious about anything. Do I often feel ecstatic, peaceful, and excited? I most definitely do. I do want to clarify that I do experience stress, sadness, and all these other negative feelings, but I never let it get too far. I try stay optimistic about things and life in general, because I find Iím able to solve a lot more with that type of thinking. Additionally, as much confidence as I have in myself, sometimes Iím just having a bad hair day or I woke up in a bad mood, or any other number of reasons, so I donít feel as confident and ready to take on the world. I do, nevertheless, work to change that throughout my day because I hate feeling that way. But, Iím human, and sometimes I just feel down. Speaking of being human, Iím not surprised I scored high in immoderation, because I have a hard time saying no to a craving. It most likely is the reason youíll see me walking around with two or more cans of Redbull and some very unhealthy snacks to match the drink. I do overindulge in that and I do listen to a Taylor Swift song until I hate it, which is very hard to do. So, yes, Iím not neurotic, but I do have some downfalls.

I would consider myself rather open to new experiences, ideas, and thoughts. But I do agree with the test saying Iím only average in openness. Although I like to experience new things, I donít overindulge in that mentality. I do love to daydream; I do it all the time and I have an impressive imagination. I dream of what could have been, what will be, what might be, and all the possibilities in-between. I also enjoy natureís beauty and art in general, but itís not my favorite past time. But I do love music. I could listen to music all day long and mostly, any genre. My real past time is adventure; all types of new experiences, places, foods, and culture. I enjoy encountering new things in life, especially traveling to foreign countries. One feature where I scored very low was emotionality, because I do tend to keep feelings to myself. In fact, I hate talking about negative feelings. I talk about my problems and such things with very few people, in fact, only about three people would be considered close enough for me to discuss such matters. My less close friends and even family, are rarely aware of any issues I may encounter. Iím not sure whether thatís healthy or not, but Iíve always had a very select group of people whom I could talk to about any off-putting feelings I may be experiencing, and Iím very grateful to them. Theyíve held me up through good and bad, and theyíre the kinds of people that have partly shaped me through life.

After reading all this self-analysis, I think Iíve truly learned more about myself, both the good and the bad. Iím a very outgoing and all-around optimistic person who enjoys the company of others. Pride is a part of who I am, but Iím still modest when I need to be and I love helping people in genuine need. I may not be crazy, but I do overindulge in some things and perhaps I should stop that sort of behavior. Perhaps I also need to be more open about any troubles I have, because I tend to bottle those up or barely share them. Overall, I think the personality test was quite precise despite its slight errors. Mostly, I learned no human is perfect and I suppose thatís allright, because we each have amazing qualities that make us who we are, whether some understand us or not.††

Example 2

The Five Factor Personality Test is frightfully accurate. I say this because I am in the beginning stages of learning who I am and trying to understand why I do the things that I do or say the things that I say. I do not quite comprehend myself. However, here is a test, containing a series of questions, answerable within forty minutes, and results almost instantly, telling me ďthis is who you areĒ. Keep in mind, this is something that has taken nineteen years to conjure. Nineteen to understand, to fully comprehend. Nineteen years and it was still unwritten, until now.

The test contains three hundred survey type questions that had me in awe. Each causing me to pause and ponder. To think back on events in my life, emotional scenarios, personal struggles, successes and failures, and to resurface the once unspeakable. Simply put, to dig deep. Some of the questions had me completely stumped. Because at one moment you say ďYes! This is definitely me!Ē Then with further inquisition, everything completely goes left and you say ďWait, no! Thatís not meĒ. Then all of a sudden youíre stuck. You are completely clueless. So you give the best answer possible ďNeither accurate nor inaccurate.ĒSomehow this test can answer what you cannot. Somehow it puts together the ďvery accurateĒ the ďvery inaccurateĒ and the overwhelming ďneither norĒ and pronounces you.

If I knew one thing, it was that I am an introvert. I love being by myself and wrapped up and consumed in my world. I believe that this is a result of how I was raised. I was an only child for 7 years. In that time I was so sheltered and cushioned. I didnít need friends, I had my mother. I was home, in Barbados, for 3 almost 4 years of my life. I hardly remember anything or anyone.Photographs were all I had to make a link to a family. When I returned, I was told numerous stories of how almost the whole island knew me, or babysat me, or gave me a piece of fruit. I was so loved and protected. When my mother and I left the island, it was just us. A few people, over the years, cared for and help us during such a difficult time but in the end, it was just my mother and me.

Making friends is not easy for me but I am fine with that. I donít feel the need to have hundreds of friends. My mother always tells me, bluntly put, that ďwomen are no goodĒ. That leaves men. I have learned that once you make it clear to a guy that you only the intension of friendship, you and he can be great friends.I currently have 3 best friends. The same 3 best friend since the age of 4.I also have 600 plus ďfriendsĒ on Facebook. Numerous followers on Instagram. My phone seems to light up almost every second of the day. But this does not define me. I am a loner. There are times when my best friends donít know the half of what is going on with me. I get notifications and texts but I do not reply because I donít feel like communicating with the outside world a lot of the time. Donít get me wrong, I am adventure-seeking. I love excitement, rollercoaster, loud parties, traveling, etc. I scored an 80 out of 99. However, I prefer my alone time.

Above all, I scored the highest in the agreeable sector. All facets of agreeableness were above 60. I preference solitude but in the presence of others I am very personable. I am everything that this category lists: considerate, friendly, generous, helpful, willing to compromise. I believe in the goodness of human beings and therefore I am wholeheartedly trusting and honest. I gravely dislike confrontation. I would rather lose out or keep how I am feeling bottled and sealed than confront the individual or individuals. This explains why I am so much of a loner because I donít like to talk about me or my feelings. I prefer to relieve any sadness or ill feelings toward another by lying in bed and crying and talking to myself about it. I am a strong believer of the silent treatment. However, I am very emotional and do a very poorly in hiding my emotions, so the person I am disagreeing with could probably see everything in my expressions. This then leads me the Neuroticism aspect of the personality test.

In the presence of others I am happy. Life could not be better. It takes quite a bit for me to become enraged, so people usually see the happy-go-lucky side of me. At home, it is almost polar opposites. In my corner, I cry, I am sad, not nearly depressed, but just down and out. I like so many others, suffer from a low self-esteem. As of late primary school, I began to gain weight. My eight grade year I was 50 pounds overweight. This took a toll on me mentally and physically. It also explains my introverted characteristic. People were not nice. I was subjected to bullying and teasing and as a result I kept to myself. Physically, the weight left scars that are a constant reminder that I am nowhere near perfect. I am uncomfortable at beach and pool outings with friends. Often times I opt to stay home just to resist awkward situations. At times when I see someone staring at me I think that they are looking at my imperfections, they could not possibly be seeing anything beautiful in me. Which is why I am so reserved and find it hard to open up.††

All of this weighs on my conscientiousness. I often times donít believe in myself and lack the motivation to go and get what I want. I am not a go getter. I scored a low 16 in the overall conscientious aspect. It would have been lower if not for the dutifulness facet.My motivation comes from others. If someone were relying on me to do something, I would be on top of it in an instant. Partially because it concerns me what others think of me and because I hate to disappoint.

Last but not least, I scored a low score of 21 in openness to experience with outliers in liberalism and imagination. I thrive on routine and familiarity. I do not like stepping outside of my box but strangely enough, when I do, I love that I did.

A lot of this is, I feel, are the makings of an old me. I feel like I still have not come into myself. That past events and currents situations are holding me back. I feel like a bottle of soda that has been shaken and that at any moment I am going to explode. I can see myself changing. I am learning to no longer be this naÔve, sheltered, and scared being. In a couple of years, I plan to retake this test, with greater self-confidence and a different outlook on life.

Example 3

Different individual personalities are what make people so fascinating and
interesting to interact with. Every human being possesses a personality
unique to them whose traits manifest themselves daily through the person's
thoughts, choices, and involvements with others. Nearly every decision that
a person makes, from the friends they choose, to job they employ, to their
particular tastes, can be linked back to their specific personality.
Personalities say a lot about who you are as a person.

For me, participating in the online personality test was an opportunity to
take a closer look at myself and possibly even offer some clues as what
makes me who I am. I spent a good deal of time really thinking about the
results that I received at the conclusion of the test in relation to the way
that I live my life in order to ensure a proper analysis. I suppose I could
say that this attention to detail is just part of my personality.

I will admit that I was somewhat surprised at the accuracy of the scoring
in the five different areas tested, whether I liked the outcome or not. In
looking at the first category, extraversion, I was not completely shocked to
find that I had scored a low rating. Although I am a nice, friendly person
if you talk to me, I generally tend to keep my ideas and opinions quiet
simply because I am too shy to speak up. I do not often voice a
disagreement that I might have to an opinion because I do not want to draw
attention to myself. The idea of "all eyes on me" in any situation,
especially an uncomfortable one, makes me extremely uneasy. This particular
preference of mine might lead one to think that I would be most happy
sitting alone in a corner somewhere avoiding contact with others as much as
possible. Oddly enough, that is far from the truth. I very much enjoy
being part of a fun, interesting, or exciting event. However, I only want
to be in the background as a part of the main event, not to actually be the
main event.

In a deeper exploration of the second area, agreeableness, I was again
unsurprised at my scoring, which was high. I, admittedly, am a people
pleaser. I love to make other people happy because it makes me happy to
know that I had a positive affect on someone else. I am highly sympathetic
to people's needs and problems and am often the person friends turn to when
they need a shoulder to cry on. I feel that most people have good
intentions at heart and that trying my best to live in harmony with the rest
of the human population is the right and moral thing to do. I choose my
battles very carefully because I do not see the point in instigating a
trivial argument that will upset both parties involved and could have easily
been avoided by keeping quiet. I do not think so highly of myself that I
feel that need to inform everyone of all of my opinions. This does not mean
that I will always tell everyone that I agree with everything that they say,
I simply let them do or say what they please and as long as their behavior
is not destructive, there's no harm done. I want to get along with as many
people as I can in the best possible way. In short, I try not to "rock the

The only category that I was a little dismayed to see scored an average
rating was the third category, conscientiousness. I consider myself to be a
very conscientious person, but until taking this test had not fully
considered all aspects of this particular trait. For example, although I
have a very high sense of responsibility and like to act independently, I am
lacking in the self-discipline department. I always get important tasks
completed to the very best of my abilities, but I often find it difficult to
really get going on something. I set high goals and I do make strides at
achieving them, unfortunately I do have a tendency to be too careful and
therefore I do not forge ahead as strongly at meeting my goals as I
originally set out to do.

The fourth area of the personality test, neuroticism, showed a high score
for me which although I am not surprised at, I am unhappy about. This is
the area of my personality that I would most like to change. It is my
opinion that this is also the area that intertwines most throughout all five
of the personality categories. That is, through my desire to make other
people happy, be a good, moral person, be independent, successful, and
caring, it often causes me high levels of personal stress and anxiety. I am
a very emotional person and tend to easily suffer from depressions and
anxiety as the overpowering emotion in situations as opposed to anger. I am
very self-conscious throughout all activities that I embark upon as to not
make a wrong decision or be perceived in an unflattering manner. This flaw,
as I view it, in my personality leads me to me very sensitive in my
interpretations of events. Unfortunately, this makes me much more
vulnerable to be hurt easily. On the positive side, I continue to work at
overcoming this weakness as I feel that personality is not necessarily set
in stone and that it can be somewhat adjusted and improved.

In the fifth and final category, openness to experience, I scored a low
rating. Although I am an imaginative individual with an appreciation for
the exciting things life has to offer, I am not careless. I am receptive to
new ideas and experiences as long as I have at least some idea as to what is
involved. The lower score reflects my interest in gaining new perspectives,
as well as my slightly stronger cautiousness which leads me to have a
moderate fear of the unknown. It is not unheard of for me to participate in
some risk-taking behavior such as sky-diving, however, I like to carefully
weigh and consider all consequences in order to make an informed decision on
whether or not to participate in a particular event. I do not just simply
jump head-first with my eyes closed into something. I take calculated risks
of which I can be at least somewhat sure of the outcome. My adventurous
side is alive and well, but is often somewhat tamed by my desire to avoid
unsavory situations.

Through this analysis, I have been able to dissect my personality into
smaller parts that allowed me to more easily look at what components add up
to contribute to the person that I am. Some of the areas were more
difficult to digest than others, but no one is perfect. We all have peaks
and valleys to our personalities. It is through those peaks and valleys
that each individual is given dimension. I now have a better insight to
myself and I hope to keep nurturing this new understanding in order to
continue to evolve into the person that I am and the person that I am going
to be.